Helpful Hallway Hacks for Winter Accessories's featured image

When winter arrives, snowstorms and frigid temperatures don’t just cause chaos outdoors. Although we need them to survive Canadian winter, toques, earmuffs, mittens, gloves, scarves, balaclavas, and neck warmers quickly accumulate and take over our front halls and entryways. But it’s not impossible to keep the chaos in check; you just need to adopt a few of our helpful hacks.


Shoe Organizer

A super handy storage unit that hangs easily in your hallway closet, the shoe organizer has lots of little cubbies just perfect for holding mitts, hats, gloves and earmuffs. Keep toes toasty by stashing slippers in a cubby so they’re right there when you take off your boots. Sports gear, like ski goggles, can also find a place in your shoe caddy turned essential storage unit. Hang one for each member of your family or get creative and colour code cubbies for everyone.


Shower Curtain Rings

This hack will help you easily keep scarves up off the floor and out of puddles left by snow-covered boots. It takes mere minutes to set up one of these organizing systems. Simply clip spare curtain rings onto a clothes hanger, then slip everyone’s scarves through the rings. You only need one hanger to hang several scarves.


Wire Baskets

Playing in the snow can result in very wet mittens. Hats too often get damp from falling sleet and snow. Wire baskets hung inside your hall closet or decoratively on the wall will allow these items to dry without taking up space on kitchen counters or floor vents. Wet winter stuff will eventually damage fabric bags, paper boxes or rope containers. Wire baskets are the way to go!


River Rocks

Create a drying station for snowy winter boots. Start with a basic boot tray from the dollar store, and layer it with stones, which are available year-round at most garden centers. Ice and snow will melt and drain through the rocks to the bottom of the tray, so your boots won’t be left standing in a puddle. Although most of the moisture will evaporate, we recommend that you wash off salt and mud once a week.


HANDY HACK ALERT! Repurpose mitt clips to keep pants tucked into your boots. Just like they keep mitts in place, they will keep pants from riding up. Attach one clip to one side of your pant hem, and then with elastic crossing the bottom of your foot, attach the other clip to the other side of your pant hem.


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