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Home Decor Tips From Tom Nook and the Happy Home Academy


People worldwide escaped the pandemic this spring by travelling to a deserted island paradise in the game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Released on March 20, it became a refuge where players could explore, create and customize a beachfront home. A place where real friends and family who also play the game could visit, shop, fish and/or catch bugs with you and still adhere to social distancing rules. 


Home decor is a central theme of the game, and Tom Nook, manager of resident services, has much insight to share. Here are a few of the top decorating tips he and the Happy Home Academy award points for in this much-celebrated game.


DIY Is Fun And Easy

There are as many DIY recipes in this game as there are on Pinterest! A simple reminder that DIY home decor is a fun and easy (not to mention a much cheaper) way to brighten up your home with a little guidance.


Seasonal Flair Keeps It Fresh

Paying homage to the current season keeps homes up-to-date and is praised by the Happy Home Academy. Wreaths, garlands and throw pillows are a good place to start. Flowers in summer, pumpkins in the fall, and crisp fresh boughs of greenery in the winter. Or you can always get creative and find something new!

Be Cohesive With Furniture Sets

By cohesive, we don’t mean all the same (that would be awful), but unified and well-integrated. For example, while mixing wood tones is perfectly acceptable, it’s best to pick a dominant wood tone as a starting point. If you have wood floors, this would be it. Otherwise, pick the largest piece of furniture in the room and go from there. 


Stick To The Same Colour Palette 

Creating a colour scheme for your home will ensure that one room ties nicely into the next, even if the style of each room is different. Model homes always use this technique. Design experts pick a palette and carry it throughout the house, but instead of the result being drab and boring, it feels good and generates a positive flow.


Accentuate With Rugs, Wallpaper and Art

Consider each room an empty canvas to be decorated in a way that represents you. From the rugs on your floor to the wallpaper on your walls, to the art that accents them both, they all add to that “je ne sais pas” that makes it uniquely yours and makes your home feel complete.


A Clean Home Is A Happy One!

If only ACNH had Molly Maid on board! Although we’re not penalized for a messy home in real life, in Animal Crossing points are taken from players for an untidy home. Perhaps this subtle game strategy is a great reminder of the importance of a clean home.