Hooked for Life! Creative Ways to Hang Things Up's featured image

Do you wake up every day praying that you win the lottery so you can do a reno? We’ve got fabulous news! No, you haven’t won, but you will gain more space once-and-for-all! Without going into debt or being mired in months or years of renovations, you can easily create more space in your home by hanging things up. Here are some creative leads to get you started:

Buh-buy Knife Block Sets

Counter space is prime real estate in most homes. Unless you’re a seasoned minimalist, your counter is probably feeling some type of pain. If it could, it would yell, “I can’t take anymore!”. One of the main counter space hogs is the once-very-popular, but now less-than-trendy, knife block set. Foodies and non-foodies alike need their knives, but instead of having them look like a bad parking job, simply hang them up on a magnetic knife rack.

All-you-can Pegboard

Whether you’re looking to create space in the kitchen, a kid’s room or the bathroom, a pegboard is the answer to all your organizational needs. If you’re using it in the kitchen, you can hang up eclectic collections like decorative plates and vintage cooking utensils. Or, if you’re a hardcore do-it-yourselfer, you may want to hang your often used tools: heavy duty scissors, screwdrivers, measuring tapes, as well as containers for sharpies and pencils to label jars.

Coat Rack Revolution

Originally designed to hang coats where there were no closets, wall mount coat racks are the chameleons of hang up planning. They can be used to hang baseball caps, bathing suits and damp jackets; you can hook umbrellas off them; as well as sling stringed up herbs and flowers for drying. They can be hung high, hung low, spray painted and bedazzled to suit your home’s decor. Best of all, they come in all shapes, sizes and textures, and alternately are super simple to custom make if you’re handy with a screwdriver.


Photo by Nick Karvounis