Hot Weather?  Here’s some Cool Food!'s featured image

When it’s hot and humid outside, what you eat and drink can help cool you down – from the inside out.

So dress in light clothing, find some shade and enjoy what’s on the menu:

Lemonade: Some people say the secret to great lemonade is using lemons-skins and all. Blending lemons whole release the peels’ oils, which provide the lemon blast! But any way you make lemonade is good when you serve it on ice.

Watermelon: The high water content inwatermelon helps your body release heat. Cut up a watermelon and serve, or blend the fruit to make a yummy watermelon juice.

Cucumber: Cucumbers are more than 90 percent water and also rich in vitamins. Peel a baby cucumber, store in the fridge – and enjoy it sliced with a bit of salt and pepper.

Iced tea: Make your favourite tea (try green tea or mint tea for a delicious switch). Let the bags steep between five and 10 minutes, then remove them and let the tea cool to room temperature. Take a quick taste test to see if you need to add a little honey for added natural sweetness. Transfer the tea to a different container, cover and refrigerate. To serve, fill a tall glass with ice, add iced tea and garnish with a mint leaf.

Salad: On a hot day, it’s nice to enjoy a leafy green salad with juicy tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, red onions and a light vinaigrette. Green salads contain mostly water, making them easy to digest and leaving you feeling cool and energized. If you want to add a protein to the meal, barbecue some chicken or pick up a prepared rotisserie chicken at the grocery store.

Gazpacho: This tomato-based soup is made with raw vegetables and served very cold (you don’t want to use the stove when it’s hot outside anyway). To make it, combine chopped tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber and onion in a blender along with flavourings such as olive oil, jalapeno, garlic, and sherry vinegar. Blend until smooth, refrigerate – and serve.

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