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Have you been meaning to use that gift certificate to your favourite spa, but your schedule has been jam packed? It’s so nice to experience the wonderful atmosphere at a spa, but if you can’t find the time to go, bring a little zen to your daily life, by adopting a spa ambiance for your home. The positive benefits of their clean and therapeutic simplicity are endless, as they affect every one of our senses. Curious? Then let’s get started!

Purging and Decluttering

The one thing that the world’s top spas have in common is that they hire the best architects and designers. Since you’re a one-man or one-woman show, it may take a little more patience and a lot of elbow grease, to achieve similar results. Start by decluttering the high traffic areas in your home and work from the floor up. Is there an over abundance of shoes at the front door that need to be put away? Are you kids’ backpacks cluttering the front hall way? Are there piles of magazines scattered on your family room coffee table or mail scattering your kitchen table? If so, deal with them now, by placing each item in their intended spot. Focus the spa-like atmosphere on those high traffic areas in your home, like coffee tables, kitchen islands, and the front entrance. Keep these zones tidy and clean day-after-day.

Mother Nature’s Gifts

The second thing that all well appointed spas have in common is their décor, which relies heavily on items from the natural world. For instance, the plants found at a spa aren’t just for show. They actually perform a variety of air cleansing functions. The beautiful peace lily, ferns and aloe vera plants are some of the hardest working non-mechanical air purifiers. Himalayan salt lamps, beeswax candles, and essential oil diffusers perform similar air cleansing functions because they are processed from natural, earthly elements. Add some of these items to your home to help clean the air and set a calming atmosphere in your home.

No News is Good News

More and more research is being conducted on noise and electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution. This type of pollution is emitted from devices such as our computers and cellphones. Although these sources of pollution aren’t visible to the human eye, the stress and toxicity they place on our lives is real. Schedule daily device-free times, and assign device-free zones in your home and stick to the routine. In their place, consider focused family time, or listening to music designed to produce relaxation and calmness.

Feng Shui to the Rescue

If you adopt the habit of putting everything in its place, whether it’s in a basket, on a hook, or straight into the recycling bin, and you’ve already followed the previous steps, you’ll be well on your way to feeling a sense of spa-like induced comfort and tranquility every single day!  For more ideas, turn to books about Feng Shui (the art of placement), with its core purpose being to help promote feelings of well being. An organized home doesn’t just look good, it makes you feel good too!