How to Keep Your Pet Squeaky Clean! MOLLY MAID Provides Some Tips's featured image

The milder weather means that instead of struggling to get your muddy pooch into the bathtub (and leaving a mess throughout the house as you get there), you can move the doggie bath outdoors!

The maid service experts at MOLLY MAID provide these 5 easy ways to make bath time more enjoyable for you and your pet.

1. Be Prepared. Gather all the essentials you’ll need ahead of time and put them outside near the hose. You’ll need a pet brush, shampoo, leash, towels, etc. Having all your tools in one place will help make the bathing process run more smoothly.

2. Brush Out Excess Fur. Before you bathe your dog, brush them outside. This helps keep pet hair and dirt out of your home. Then, gather up the excess fur and add it to your compost container.  Or, spread it around the edge of your vegetable garden – the fur will help keep out wild animals. Raccoons and rabbits don’t like the scent of a dog and will hopefully leave your garden alone.

3. Be Firm. Take control of your dog by asserting yourself from the beginning. Have your dog stand or sit or use their leash to keep them in one place while you turn on the water.

4. Wet, Shampoo, Rinse. Test the water temperature, then wet your pup from head to toe. Apply the dog shampoo (you can buy it at a pet store or grocery store). Once lathered, work the shampoo in for a couple of minutes – what a nice massage for your pet!  Rinse thoroughly.

5. Dry. Use old towels to remove as much moisture from your pet’s fur as possible. But once you let your dog go, stand back – they’ll definitely want to shake out as well. Then, let the warm sun dry the rest!

Note: If your dog doesn’t enjoy getting bathed  at home, you could take them to a doggie spa to help them get used to the process.

As a pet owner, you know how difficult it can be to remove and clean pet hair in your home; read cleaning tips for pet owners from MOLLY MAID to find out how to keep your home clean and healthy for you as well as your pet. Tired of constantly cleaning after your dog? Let the professionally trained cleaners from your local MOLLY MAID handle the cleaning for you!