How to Make the Linen Closet Work For You's featured image

If opening the door to your linen closet causes an avalanche of towels, wash clothes and other linens, it's time to take control and organize and optimize the space.

The cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID provide these quick tips:

1. Towels: Instead of stacking towels and cramming them in between the shelves, roll them up.  This works the same way as when you roll up your clothing when packing for vacation. It is a fabulous space saver and the extra perk is that it makes your closet look pretty too!

2. Sheets: Keep the fitted and top sheets inside their matching pillowcase so you always know where the complete set is. 

3. Regular Usage: Keep regularly used linens on the mid- to lower shelves – so they are always easy to access and find. 

4. Extra Supplies: Get rid of extra blankets and bed covers that you just don't use or need anymore. Donate them to a shelter, etc.  This cleaner closet strategy is one of the best because you are helping others.

5. Fresh Smell: To add a nice scent each time you open the closet door, place scented liners on your shelves or keep an air freshener inside.  Some fresheners smell just like fresh linen… so you can keep that freshly laundered scent even longer!