How to Purge Your Growing Magazine Stash's featured image

These days, being a magazine lover is complicated: the environmentalists shun our glossy-page habit, and furthermore, more and more magazines are ceasing publication. If your devotion to magazine subscriptions is out of hand, there’s a few pain-free ways to slash your stashes below from our cleaning service experts at MOLLY MAID:

Switch to Electronic Subscriptions

Although it will never offer the same thrill as flipping through the real deal, subscribing to electronic versions of your favourite magazines is one of the most environmentally friendly, space-saving choices you can make. But you don’t need to quit cold turkey. Consider weaning yourself off hardcopy versions of your favourite magazines by opting to receive a paper AND electronic copy. After a few months of e-reading, see if there are any hardcopies you can unsubscribe from and consider buying or ordering only special issues if you would like to keep them as collector items.

Donate Your Magazines

E-magazines are not for everyone, especially for those of us with vision issues, or without access to e-readers. We’ve tried reading a magazine on an iPhone, and it was nothing short of torture. So make sure you donate your paper magazines to the local public library, a local public school or to family and friends that may enjoy them.

Collective Joy

Employee retention is something all companies struggle with, some more than others. Human resource departments spend a lot of time trying to find unique incentives to make positive impacts to their company’s work . Some companies offer nothing more than free tea and coffee, others provide free themed lunches, and others will subscribe to any and all the magazines their staff want to read. Ask your HR department if they’d be willing to subscribe to a magazine, the answer will likely be ‘yes’!

Upcycle Your Magazines

There are many articles and resources online which walk through various DIY projects using your old discarded magazines. Check these out online for a rainy weekend evening or set it aside for a fun group craft night!

Organizing one’s home is the first step to a clean home- but if you want to take it one step further, be sure to contact your local MOLLY MAID!



Photo by Annie Spratt