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Skipping Halloween during the pandemic was hard on kids of all ages. So, this year, why not celebrate with a party? MOLLY MAID has some tips to keep it simple but scary!

Tips for Hosting the Best Halloween Haunt

The past few Halloweens have seen a different kind of fear, one that has been anything but fun. So, this year, why not kick it up a notch and host a Halloween party? Celebrate all that is creepy with ooey gooey eats, costumes, and a few jump scares thrown in to bring back Halloween’s spirit.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations to throw an impressive Halloween party. Head to the Halloween aisle in the dollar store for all things frightful. The trick is to keep things simple. Buy lots of orange and black, cobwebs, spiders, bats, and a jar of eyeballs.

Spooky Soundtrack
Music can make or break a good party, even at Halloween. Good music adds to the ambience, energizes guests, and brings people together to share memorable moments. Make sure your party playlist is up to scratch or borrow one. Cosmo magazine just shared The Best 81 Halloween Songs Your Party Playlist Needs ASAP.

Creepy Games
Although this requires a little planning, you can be confident that a few games will make the party more fun for everyone! Bobbing for apples is traditional but can be messy. How about Halloween Truth or Scare, Spider Races (all you need is a plastic spider and a few straws), or Halloween Charades (featuring only scary people, places, or things)?

A party is much more fun if people dress up. Host a costume competition that includes a 10-second catwalk. While participating guests strut their stuff, help them by playing spooky music from Michael Jackson’s Thriller to AC/DCs Highway to Hell! It will be the highlight of the night!

Party Food & Snacks
This is where you delegate! Ask half of your friends and family to bring a savoury ‘spooky’ dish, and the other half to get an equally scary and Halloween-themed dessert. Prefer to cook your own? Check out 46 Spooky Eats for Your Halloween Party at
A delightful mix of kid-friendly and adult-only recipes!

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