Ingenious Uses for Old Things's featured image

Here are four amazing ways to re-purpose old items:

  1. A sink caddy from an old smart phone case: Use a smartphone case to hold a bar of soap, sponge or scrub brush in the kitchen.
  2. A garment bag from a pillow case: Turn a pillowcase inside out and fold it in half vertically. At the crease of the closed end, cut a small hole about one inch wide. Turn your pillowcase right side in and place the top of the hanger through the hole. Gentle pull the pillowcase over the hanger.
  3. A reusable lunch container from a mason jar: For a delicious lunch, pour a gingery dressing into the bottom of a clean mason jar. Next, begin layering your ingredients. Add a thick layer of chickpeas first, then a layer of blueberries. Add sliced yellow peppers and cucumbers next. Top the layers with tofu or grilled chicken and sunflower seeds. When you’re ready to eat, gently shake the mason jar to distribute the dressing and then pour the contents onto a plate. Enjoy!
  4. Cord labels from a bread bag tag: Place a plastic tab from your bread bag onto each cord. Label the bread tags accordingly, with a fine-tipped permanent marker.