Innovative Ways to Organize from The Home Edit's featured image

Innovative Ways to Organize from The Home Edit


Cleaning can be fun! That’s our takeaway from the new series Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix. Working from home during the pandemic has many Canadians taking stock of their space: abolishing clutter, getting organized and finding creative ways to clean up. This show has all the answers. Hosts, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, are the new masters of household order, eliminating chaos for celebs and the average Joe in every show. While many of their organizational steps are somewhat traditional, there are a few that are new, innovative and applaud worthy.


Organize in Colour

These gals arrange everything by colour – clothes, scarves, shoes, books, games, etc. The result is quite striking once complete, creating a veritable rainbow in your closet, pantry or on shelves. Not only does it look nice, it’s functional. Items are clearly identifiable and easy to find. Bonus: Kids will find this way of organizing fun and easy to follow. 


Create Specific Zones

Organization is about setting up a system of arrangement or order, so setting up distinct areas for specific items only makes sense. Shearer and Teplin create zones. For example, within your closet you may have a zone for casual clothes, another for formal attire and a third for workout wear. Different colour hangers will keep sections easily identifiable. In addition, they stress the need to not over exceed your zones, leaving some extra space to grow.


Think Outside the Box

There are a number of ways these women show their creativity throughout the show. But the best may be how they recommend organizing a dresser. According to Shearer and Teplin, the right way is to see your dresser as a replica of your own body. Seriously. According to the experts, this allows your dresser organization to flow. The top drawers should be kept for items that are for the neck up, primarily scarves and hats. The middle should be for tops, while the bottom should be reserved for shorts, skirts and pants. Amazing!