Is Fall Cleaning the New Spring Cleaning?'s featured image

We’re all familiar with the concept of spring cleaning and the need to spruce up your home after a long winter. However, many people believe you should give your home a thorough clean with every seasonal change. Here are a few chores that can be done in the fall.

Change your bedding: Now that the summer season has ended, it’s time to swap your lightweight duvet for your heavier, cozy one, in preparation for the cold weather. The same applies to the bed linen. You may want to opt for stronger, bolder colours to give your bedroom a warmer feeling as the evenings grow longer.

Check your wardrobe: Most of us have clothes tucked away at the back of our closets that we never wear, but are reluctant to get rid of. Now is the time to give everything the ‘12-month test’. If you’ve worn an item of clothing no more than once in the past year, you can surely live without it. Go through your kids’ wardrobes too and pull out any items they’ve outgrown. If the clothes are still in good condition, pass them on to your friends, family or local charity.

Service the water heater: Like the rest of the family, your heater has had an easy, relaxing summer, however, that’s soon about to change. Book a visit from a heating engineer to ensure your water heater is ready for the cold months ahead.

Clean your chimney: If you’re lucky enough to have a wood burning fireplace, now is the time to get an expert in to make sure your chimney is free of soot and other debris. Having your chimney in proper working order will make you feel more relaxed, as you sit in your cozy living room, in front of the blazing fire.

Check your smoke alarms: Remember to check that your smoke alarms are working properly and that all batteries have been replaced.  This should be checked on a seasonal basis.

Organize your holiday photographs: Some chores can be enjoyable. This activity certainly falls into that category. Relive your holiday memories by sifting through your digital photo files; picking out your favourite moments, and getting them printed and put into an album. This makes a great holiday gift for loved ones as well!

If you can’t face doing another big clean this year, why not call MOLLY MAID to help with a one-time fall cleaning? This way you can use your free time to do something more enjoyable.