Keep your Home Permanently Purged by Avoiding these Five Behaviours's featured image

In a 24-hour period, we make non-stop choices that lead us towards or away from clutter. It can be something as simple as accepting one more rewards card, or another set of holiday themed towels. Avoid the following behaviours in order to keep your home purged once and for all.

The Curbside Clearance Rack

Walking or driving through your neighbourhood on garbage day or on a busy yard sale weekend can be nothing but trouble. Your heart swells as you spot a damaged but well-loved art table that just needs to be buffed, and right next to it, a vintage-looking lamp that needs to be re-wired.  More often than not, they will end up in the garage along with all the other rainy-day projects that have been piling up over the years.

The Egocentric Appliance Boxes 

Appliances often come in really big boxes. Keeping these boxes just in case of an exchange is sometimes not possible. But, did you know if an appliance stops working, or doesn’t work as well as it claims, you can still exchange the item without the box you bought it in? Of course, keep a copy of the original receipt so you have proof that the warranty is valid. If you can’t help yourself, keep the box and all its packaging for the duration of the warranty only.

The Needy Outlet Mall

When it comes to bed linens, most professional organizers suggest the two sets of sheets rule. You need one set on the bed, and the other set to make the bed when the first set is getting washed. Some minimalists will argue that you only need one set. Either way, the outlet malls are desperate to get you through their doors to purchase a new set. Avoid going near them and stick with the two-set rule.

The Storage Locker Crutch

Did you know that the storage locker industry makes billions of dollars a year housing items that have little to no financial or sentimental value? Unless you’re moving out of your home in order to travel the world, or you’re dealing with an emergency, avoid the storage locker route at all cost.