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October is apple season – and apple picking is a great family activity!

Many farms have smaller sized trees that don't grow that tall, so it's usually easy for kids of all ages to help out.

Call ahead to the farm you want to visit and check availability and hours.

Here's what you'll need to bring:

Casual clothes: Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that can get a bit dirty. Everyone should be able to reach and crouch easily as they walk amidst the trees picking. Pack a sweater and gloves for cooler days, and don't forget the sunscreen in case the sun is out.

Baskets: Most farms supply baskets, but at an additional cost – so if you have any, bring them along.  This will make for easy apple transporting to your home.

Sense of fun: Many farms include wagon rides and even petting zoos, so be prepared to be outside for a while.

Apple knowledge: The best apples are firm, brightly coloured and free of bruises. The skin should be clean and shiny. When you get home, refrigerate apples for up to two weeks. Larger amounts should be stored in a cellar fridge or insulated garage, making sure the temperature stays just above zero.

Recipe ideas and ingredients' lists: Apples are great eaten as is or they're wonderful in pies and cobblers. Some people like to make applesauce. Check recipes ahead of time to make sure you get the right amount – and type – of apples needed for your delicious recipes.