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Lost & Found: 3 Places to Keep Your Keys

How many times a day do you misplace your keys? If you have a keychain with multiple keys, the sheer bulk of them may make them harder to lose. But with so many cars now having a push button start, the key is less of a key and more of a fob. As a fob, it’s less likely to be added to the ring of house or office keys, which just makes them that much easier to mislay. Tired of the frantic morning scramble? Then it’s time to create a key hub.

1. Multi Use Items

Trays and bowls are the most popular choices. Now all you need is an entrance table, credenza, or a simple shelf to set your key catcher. From now on, you’ll always drop your keys in there. No more excuses! If you’re the creative type, your hand-crafted ceramic bowl or lovingly whittled tray adds a personal touch. But if you’re a minimalist who hates clutter, a small wooden box with a lid may be more to your liking.

2. Magnetic Knife Rack

Sometimes the best ideas come from repurposed gadgets made for something else. The magnetic knife rack is just one of these items. It’s sleek, easy to mount and incredibly useful to hold anything made of metal, including your keys. Kids will love sticking their house keys to the magnetic strip as they enter the house. With lots of space for everyone in the family, keys will be easily identifiable for a quick and easy exit.

3. Mounted Key Box

Key boxes come in many shapes and sizes and are mounted on the wall. Some are decorative, while others are simply functional stainless steel. Well organized, the typical key box keeps a variety of keys in an orderly manner on numbered hooks. Artistic variations include wooden cut-outs of objects such as an extra large key or majestic elephant adorned with tiny hooks for the keys of every family member to hang.

If you’re a techie and willing to spend a little cash, the Tile may be right for you. Their Bluetooth-enabled devices and handy Tile app make everything findable – from your keys, to your wallet to your remote control. Check them out at www.thetileapp.com.