Low-Tech Tips to Keep You Warmer this Winter's featured image

Regular furnace maintenance, proper insulation and double-glazed windows are our main defense against the cold wind, snow and ice that batter our homes in the winter. But, there are also some fairly low-tech tricks to try that might just keep you a little extra toasty and warm!


Use Your Curtains with Care

Curtains play a big role in keeping your home at an optimal temperature during the colder months. Closing the curtains at night will provide an extra barrier to radiant heat loss, add insulation and reduce drafts. But don’t forget to open the curtains during the day to let the sun shine in. Even on a cold day, the heat from the sun is still warm – not to mention, it’s free!


Reflect Heat

Tinfoil hung behind radiators is said to prevent heat disappearing through the wall by reflecting it back into the room. If your home is heated with rads, try it out. And, remember, it’s important to not block the flow of heat from radiators. Be sure furniture is not pushed up tight against your rads, allow some space for the heat to reach into each and every corner.


Don’t Forget the Flue

An amazing amount of heat can be lost up and out through an open fireplace. Be sure to close the chimney flue or damper if you have one. Consider installing glass doors as a second line of defence. Not only do they keep warm air from escaping, they seal cold air out. And, if your fireplace is strictly decorative consider installing a chimney balloon.


Watch Out for Mini Drafts

Check doors and windows for leaks, they may need additional weather stripping. A cheap and quick remedy for basement windows is to line them with bubble wrap. If you have a mail slot in the front door, it’s worthwhile adding an extra barrier there too, like a draft-proof brush. Head to your local hardware store to find out more!


Cover Bare Floorboards

Did you know that floors account for as much as 10 percent of a home’s heat loss if they’re not insulated? Carpet is a fantastic insulating material. While laying carpet won’t create any warmth itself, it will help to retain heat. Much like a blanket, a carpet functions as a physical barrier between the heat in your home and the sub-floor below, thereby keeping bare feet nice and warm.



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