Manage the Space Underneath your Kitchen Sink's featured image

Every home has one cluttered space in common – the dreaded kitchen cupboard under the sink. This deep, dark, pipe-filled space often becomes a dumping zone for many items including our cleaning supplies. Take control of the clutter once and for all with these clever DIY organizational tips.

Expand storage space with a tension rod.

Add additional storage space in your cupboard by installing a tension rod. Simply run the tension rod, in front of the pipes, from one side of the cupboard to the other and hang your spray bottles along it. You can also use the rod to hang your garbage bag and paper towel rolls. This will help keep your supplies visible, organized and easily accessible.

Recycle, reuse and repurpose.

When it comes to plastic grocery bags, we all struggle to find the perfect storage solution, but not anymore! An empty tissue box is all you need. Take a plastic grocery bag and place it inside the tissue box with the handles hanging out the top. Take a second grocery bag and thread the bottom of it through the handles of the first bag. Push the handles of the first bag, and the body of the second bag into the tissue box until only the handles of the second bag are showing. Repeat the process until all of your plastic grocery bags have been stored. This method allows you to pull one bag at a time, and helps keep your plastic bags organized and tidy.

Mount them and store them.

A dollar store magazine rack is the perfect tool to house plastic wrap, aluminum foil and parchment paper. Mount a magazine rack on the inside of your cupboard door for easy accessibility. This will also allow you to free up drawer space in your kitchen.31

Organize further with hooks.

Much like the tension rod, command hooks create extra storage opportunities in the cupboard under your sink. Add a handy command hook on the inside of your cupboard door to hang your rubber gloves on. Not only is this the perfect organizational tip, but it will also help your rubber gloves dry thoroughly and prevent the growth of mildew. If your rubber gloves do not have a hole from which to hang, use an alligator clip fastened to the cuff, to hang them up.