MOLLY MAID Green Christmas Ideas: Day 2 – Button Trees's featured image

 What You Need:

  • 1 thin green pipe cleaner
  • small 'thread-able' bead or bell
  • thread-able buttons (with at least two holes each) of different sizes

How To Make It:

  1. Sort buttons by size, from smallest to largest.
  2. Fold the pipe cleaner in half to find the midway point.
  3. Open up the pipe cleaner and thread the bead or bell on until it sits at the midway point.
  4. Starting with the largest button, thread each end of the pipe cleaner through opposite holes on the button (this could be the trickiest part for young children). Push the button so that it sits on top of the bead.
  5. Repeat with different sized buttons, working from the largest to smallest to create a miniature tree shape.
  6. Once the pipe cleaner is filled, twist the remaining ends together and fashion into a hook shape to hang on a branch of your tree.

Check out the post we'll have tomorrow to learn how to make stained glass window cookies!