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Dirt, dust and mud often walk right into our homes on our own two feet! By enforcing a friendly, but strict, ‘mud room starts here’ policy, the entrance to your home can be kept clean, tidy, and most importantly welcoming!

Keep it Clean:

  • Hotels, well-appointed restaurants and boutiques welcome their clientele with a scraper mat, and so should you! This sturdy, all-weather mat has a primary job to withstand the endless scraping of wet soles, dusty heels and muddy boots. Invest in a couple of these industrial style mats for your front porch to keep grime outside. Although they come in a variety of materials, it is recommended that you purchase a rubber scraper mat as they are the easiest to clean. A little soap and water is all you need to get your rubber scraper mat looking like new!
  • Stock up on machine washable entrance mats, so that any remaining dirt that doesn’t come off on your scraper mat, is soaked up. Inexpensive entrance mats are available at most home décor stores and come in many colours to suit every décor. Plus, they’re super easy to clean. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s label before placing your mat into the washing machine. Once clean, hang to dry.
  • Keep drip trays inside; in your mud room or front entrance, and ask that your family and guests, house their shoes there. This will help keep water and mud off your floor on those extra rainy days.
  • Enforce a ‘no shoes policy’, in your home. There are many gentle ways to let visitors know, that outdoor shoes need to be removed, so dirt isn’t tracked through your home.

Keep it Organized:

  • Shoe clutter at the front door is one of the highest mess zones in your home. Adopt a curb the chaos philosophy by putting shoes neatly away as soon as you come inside. No excuses. No front closet, no problem! Remove your shoes and walk them to their designated storage area.