Organize your Child’s Locker with Flair's featured image

Many schools consider March Break, the perfect time for a deep cleaning of school facilities. As a result, students may be asked to empty their lockers prior to heading home for vacation. Of course, no parent is looking forward to tackling the clutter of their child’s locker. Luckily, the cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID have a few fun and exciting tips that you can share with your children to keep their lockers more organized for the remainder of the year. Here’s how.

Hooks are essential.

Hooks are essential to keep clutter off the floor, and their school items organize. Have your kids add additional heavy duty hooks, with easily removable adhesive, to each wall of their locker. This will allow them to hang their coats, back packs, and gym bag with ease! They can also add hooks to the inside panel of their locker door to keep their keys, sunglasses, headphones, etc., easily accessible, and to prevent them from getting lost in their bag.

Magnets create more storage space.

Use magnetic locker organizers to keep smaller items, such as pencils, pens, rulers and USB sticks in order. For those who like DIY projects, an old Tupperware container is all you need to create the perfect locker organizer. Apply some decorative tape to transform your container. Apply a self-adhesive magnet to the back of the container, and voila; your DIY organizer is ready to go!

An absorbent surface keeps floors dry.

Shoes and boots track mud and water into your child’s locker throughout the school year. Although unavoidable, this mess can be managed by laying a square of durable carpet on the floor of the locker to absorb excess moisture. Cost effective samples of carpet can be purchased from your local dollarstore.

Create your very own locker deodorizer.

Even the most organized locker may need a breath of fresh air every now and then. A personalized DIY deodorizer is just the thing to keep it smelling fabulous. Start by adding half a cup of baking soda to an old plastic container. Next, add 20 drops of your favourite essential oil to the baking soda, secure the lid, and give the container a good shake to mix the contents. Poke a few holes into the plastic lid, using a finishing nail to release the scent. Replace the contents as needed.