Packing up your Camping Gear's featured image

Is camping something your family does every summer? When the trip is over, it's important to pack things up so they're clean and ready to go next time. The home service professionals at MOLLY MAID provide these tips:

  • Pull out everything from inside the tent and shake everything out, such as sleeping bags and blankets before you fold them up.  
  • Sweep out the tent with a broom or small brush and dustpan. Remove any dirt, sand, leaves and anything else that you brought in.
  • Take down and fold the tent as it was originally folded (so it fits back into its bag). As you fold it up brush off any dirt, leaves etc., if necessary. Also, squeeze the air out. Canvas tents are usually folded into a flat pack and dome tents are usually rolled.
  • Collect all pegs, ropes and peg hammer and keep them in an accessory bag.
  • Wash the portable stove, camp oven, etc, if necessary. Wipe off any dirt from any of the other camping equipment as you pack it into your vehicle or trailer.
  • Before you leave, walk around the campsite to check if anything has been left behind. It's easy to leave something leaning up against a tree or in the grass or bushes.
  • When you get home and un-pack the car, put camping gear away, straight away – unless the tent is not completely dry. In that case, unfold it, hang it over a fence or in your backyard, then rotate it so each part dries out.  Alternately, spread it out in a shed or garage if it is raining.
  • Before packing away camping gear that uses batteries, such as flashlights, remove the batteries. They can corrode and leak when they're not used for long periods of time.
  • Store the clean cooking utensils, plates, bowls, etc. in a tub with a lid, so they're ready for next time too.