Pamper the Ones you Love this Valentine’s's featured image

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show someone you care, and it doesn’t have to be with chocolates, red roses, and declarations of love. Random acts of kindness are just as sweet. Consider the crossing guard near your child’s school, your local barista, or your co-workers. It’s all about making people feel special. A small gesture will make their day!


Here are some great ways to do it:

  • Tuck a handwritten note (and something sweet) into your child’s lunchbox or partner’s jacket pocket for a lovely mid-day surprise.
  • Bring a box of chocolates into the office and offer them to co-workers throughout the day. Everyone loves a sweet treat.
  • Pick up someone else’s chore. If it’s your husband’s turn to pick up the kids from daycare, do it for him. If your teenager empties the dishwasher after school, let them skip a day and do it yourself.
  • Make dinner and clean the kitchen for your parents. This one is for young adults and teenagers. Give the family chef a night off (they will love whatever you cook).
  • Serve everyone’s favourite dessert – within reason. And, remember store-bought is just as good as homemade!
  • Send flowers. An iconic gesture that brightens anyone’s day.
  • Bring a healthy snack to your exercise class to share with the whole crew. Homemade granola, freshly squeezed juice, or some sliced fruit (with a chocolate dip for those who want to indulge).
  • Rent a favourite movie and order take-out (so no one has to cook).
  • Get a little crafty! Make your own Valentine’s Day cards and deliver them by hand along with a few Hershey’s chocolate kisses.
  • Send the gift of a clean home to someone that you love. Giving a MOLLY MAID gift certificate is a wonderful way to show you care.
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash