Plan a Spring Picnic's featured image

With the warmer weather, it's a perfect time to plan a picnic. Here's how:

1. Plan it. Whether your picnic is next weekend or tomorrow, put some thought into it. Write a checklist so you remember everything from food and beverages, to tablecloths and napkins, to games (and prizes) for everyone to play, to utensils and barbecue equipment if you're going to prepare food this way. Be sure to divvy up the responsibilities with others who are going.

2. Where should you hold your picnic? Consider a nearby conservation area, neighbourhood park or even your own backyard. You want to make sure there are restrooms nearby especially if there are young children on the invitation list. Also, if you are planning on bringing a ball or badminton set, make sure there's room to play. Lastly, check the rules of the picnic area. Some parks do not let you have large groups without booking the space while others have rules about playing music or organized team sports. 

3. Create a menu  – and make it delicious. It's important that you pack something good to eat for everyone who is going. Popular items are sandwiches, burgers, salads, fruit and easy-to-eat snacks such as cookies and granola bars.

4. Make it fun. If you are picnicking with kids makes sure you bring along enough activities to keep them happy. Bring a football, frisbee and/or a couple baseball gloves to play catch. If your kids are a little older let them use your digital camera and send them on a scavenger hunt of nature items.

5. Plan for the weather too. Make sure you are prepared for the weather – or be prepared to set a rain date. Bring rain gear as well as hats, sunscreen and extra sweatshirts.

The most important aspect of a picnic is that you are spending time together having fun. So what are you waiting for?