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The end of March is the perfect time to start preparing and planning for ways to celebrate Easter. The professional residential cleaners at MOLLY MAID recommend a list of ideas to help you celebrate and decorate your home for the Easter holiday:

Paper Mache Easter Nests

Paper Mache Easter nests are a simple and fun craft to do during the Easter season.

How to:

Step 1: Remove a few pages from an old magazine. Cut each page into thin strips and set aside. Take a small bowl and cover it with plastic wrap. Once it is covered flip the bowl upside down on a piece of wax paper. In another container, mix equal parts water and clear glue.

Step 2: Dip each magazine strip into the glue mixture and immediately lay them across the surface of the bowl. Continue this process until the whole bowl is covered.

Step 3: Lightly press the remaining dry strips of magazine along the outside of the covered bowl to create a “nest” look.

Step 4: Allow the strips to dry for 12 hours. Once it is dry, carefully pull the plastic wrap off the bowl and away from the nest. You now a beautiful nest to place your Easter eggs in.

Beautifully Decorated Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is a fun project for the whole family to enjoy. Although most designs look elaborate, they are often created using plain old masking tape.

How to:

Step 1: Cut a piece of masking tape into small strips to create unique patters for your Easter eggs. You can even use a single hole punch to create shapes or craft scissors to make different designs.

Step 2: Next, apply the strips of tape carefully to the shells of raw eggs, smoothing out any air bubbles. Use dye or food colouring to fill in any open spaces on the egg shell.

Step 3: Once the shells dry, blow out the yolks and remove the tape to reveal your motifs. These beautiful eggs can then be placed around your home or in an Easter basket.

Egg-Shaped Sugared Almonds

Egg-shaped sugared almonds make an exceptionally sweet spring decoration.

How to:

Step 1: Take a 12-inch Styrofoam wreath and beginning with the inside circumference, use a hot-glue to glue the almonds in place, overlapping a few of them to add dimension.

Step 2: Continue in a circular pattern until the entire front, inner and outer edges of the wreath are covered.

Step 3: Hang the finished wreath with a sturdy piece of Easter coloured cotton ribbon. To store the wreath, wrap it in newspaper, place flat in a box, and keep in a cool, dry area.

Making an Easter Tree

The Easter tree is a gorgeous decoration that celebrates new growth, and new life. It also looks beautiful as a centrepiece on the kitchen table.  You can even arrange your beautifully decorated Easter eggs beneath it on Easter Sunday just as you would put Christmas presents under the tree on Christmas Day. Here’s how to brighten up your home this Easter with one of these stunning seasonal decorations!

How to:

Step 1: Branches – Go out into the garden and cut a selection of springtime branches – cherry blossom or curly willow branches work best. The branches can be as long or short as you like depending on how big you want your Easter tree to be, but we recommend using branches that are roughly one foot long. Five or six branches should be enough to give you a good, bushy tree, but you can vary this according to your taste. It’s also a good idea to cut some thinner flowering branches to give the tree some variation.

Step 2: A Vase – This will hold your Easter tree, so choose something deep enough to keep those branches steady!

Step 3: Small Easter Decorations – These decorations can be bought or handmade, or even a combination of both! Why not decorate your tree with some of the beautifully decorated Easter eggs you made.