Pumpkin Party's featured image

If you’re looking to host a Halloween inspired street party for the families in your area, a pumpkin party is a great way to do so. Here’s a guide to help you prepare your fun-filled pumpkin party:

  1. Organize your pumpkin party in the afternoon on Halloween. Host the party in your backyard and hand deliver invitations to your neighbours prior to the event.
  2. Create an eerie atmosphere by adding decorations and spooky music. Hang spider webs and fake spiders in shrubs or trees in the yard.
  3. Invite your neighbours to dress up and bring their pumpkins over to decorate. Offer pumpkin carving supplies, such carving kits, paint, markers and glitter. Have the parents use the carving kit to create a design for their children.
  4. Offer easy-to-serve food, such as hotdogs and hamburgers, for the main meal. Have an assortment of snacks on hand, such as veggies, popcorn and chips. Serve apple cider as a refreshment.
  5. Hand out party favours, such as glow sticks and flashlights. These will come in handy when the children go trick-or-treating at night.