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Quick and Dirty Holiday Stain Solutions


No one can avoid the odd stain now and then, but there’s nothing more panic evoking than a spill during the holidays. It’s supposed to be a time for relaxation and spending quality time with family. So, this year, be prepared! Don’t let a little spilled milk quash that holiday spirit. Take some advice from the professionals. XXX, resident cleaning expert at Molly Maid XXX has pulled together some fast and easy solutions for common cleaning emergencies.


Lipstick on Wine Glasses

Don’t put a wine glass into the dishwasher if it has a lipstick stain. It’ won’t wash off. You need to pre-treat it first. Simply rub the lipstick smudge with a little bit of table salt. It will remove the stain easily. Then wash as usual.


Sticky Price Tag Labels

To remove a price tag off the bottom of a gift you just opened or a new set of glassware, use an alcohol wipe or some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Just rub it in a circular motion and the sticky material should disappear. If that doesn’t work, put some olive oil onto the sticky substance and let it soak through (about 30 minutes). It should slide off easily.


Red Wine on a White Tablecloth

Coat the stain with table salt and let it stand for five minutes. Now, while this part can be tricky, stretch the stained area over a bowl and secure it with a rubber band. Place in the sink and carefully pour boiling water over the stain from a height of at least a foot. The stain should wash away.


Dripped Wax on Cloth Napkins

Put the tablecloth into the freezer for an hour. Remove it and crack the wax, removing what you can. Rub mineral spirits into any remaining wax. Rinse with rubbing alcohol, let it dry fully, and then wash with an enzyme detergent.


Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash