Remove Furniture Dents From Carpeting… Easy!'s featured image

If you're changing furniture around in a carpeted room, you may notice that 'dents' have been left by heavy pieces in the carpet. Here's a simple trick from the cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID to remove these problem spots!

  1. Place one ice cube in carpet dent. If there is a longer or larger dent, multiple ice cubes may be required.
  2. As the ice cube melts, the carpet should begin to fluff back up and reduce in size.
  3. Check the results after the ice cube melts and remove any excess water with a cloth. If there is still a dent, use a fork to gently lift the carpet fibres and give it a fluffy appearance.

Do NOT use this method if your carpets are hand dyed, antique or delicate, such as silk carpets.

NOTE: It's always a good idea to test this method on a small area before you begin. Place an ice cube on top of your carpet in the corner of the room. Once it has melted, check that that the water hasn't damaged the under flooring by lifting the corner of the carpet.