Repurposing Old Household Items for use in the Kitchen's featured image

As the busiest room in the house, it can be a real challenge keeping your kitchen tidy and organized – particularly if you have a large family. One good way of keeping everything in its place is by repurposing household items that you might be considering throwing out.

  • Metal wall-mounted magazine rack – This works brilliantly for storing the lids of your pots and pans on the back of a door or the inside of a cupboard. An old curtain rod or coat hooks can also be used in the same way to give you extra space for the actual pot and pans themselves.
  • Shoeboxes – We’ve all played the game of rooting around in the freezer trying to identify packs of meat or sauces that somehow manage to look identical. If you use shoeboxes to organize your freezer space, you’ll know that everything is always where you’d expect it to be.
  • Loaf pans – When your old baking trays and loaf pans are no longer suitable for cooking, you can use them as a stylish storage tin for baking ingredients or spices to create that fashionable country kitchen look.
  • Over the door shoe organizer – Create more space for yourself by hanging a plastic see-through shoe organizer inside your pantry door and use it to store utensils and smaller packets of food.
  • Muffin trays – Organize your junk drawer by using an old muffin tin for nick-nacks like keys, paper clips and rubber bands.
  • Ice cube trays – These make excellent drawer organizers for tiny odds and ends too and, strangely enough, they can also be used as food separators for picky little ones. Try them out at toddler birthday parties where the kids, fussy or not, are sure to be enchanted by the variety of food choices in front of them.
  • Plastic stationery folders – No more stacks of take-out menus stuffed untidily in a drawer or hanging on the side of the fridge. Keep them, and other paper items like recipes and coupons, tidy and organized by sticking a clear plastic sleeve or folder on the inside of a cupboard door and popping all your papers inside.

Our final suggestion seems to be an appropriate place to end. We’ve all become accustomed to recycling our tin, plastic, paper and cardboard on a regular basis and you can now see how, with a little imagination, we can be equally resourceful as we breathe new life into ordinary household items that seem to have outlived their original purpose. At MOLLY MAID, we love resourcefulness.