Rethinking the Laundry Room is Really Quite Simple's featured image

Is your laundry room a happy place? Or a corner of the basement with limited lighting and a cold floor? If it’s the latter, it’s time to take action and turn your dingy, inefficient laundry space into the laundromat of your dreams. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much. Just six or seven household items can make all the difference!

A Shelf

A designated work surface is essential to the success of any laundry room. Somewhere to unload clean clothes, freshly folded from the dryer, before being dispersed to respective family members. It doesn’t have to be fancy, a simple fold out shelf, a built-in corner or small table is all you need.

A Rod

Dresses, skirts, tailored shirts and delicates need to hang. Whether to air dry or to hang during an ironing binge, a rod is another must-have in the laundry room. Not a fan of formal wear? Think swimwear and your one-and-only cashmere sweater. And, remember, with moist garments use plastic hangers as flocked or wooden ones can stain the fabric.

Some Bins

Make life easier with a clean laundry bin for each family member. Now, clean laundry can be picked up by their owner to ferret away to closets, drawers or hooks. Get creative. Buy different colour bins for each to avoid confusion. Look for those that match bedroom decor. Because, let’s be honest, in most homes the laundry is actually never put away. Investing in nice baskets that only ever make it to the end of the bed will keep rooms looking tidy.

A Stain Survival Kit

Stains are bound to happen, the key is to be prepared. Spills transform the laundry room into a makeshift emergency room where the life and death of a garment is determined. Make your own triage kit with a shower caddy from the dollar store. Add some stain spray, a scrub brush, and bleach pen for an easy fix.

A Rug

Comfort and decorative touches should also be considered as you rethink your laundry space. A simple rug, big or small, will keep toes cozy and add colour and warmth to the room.

A Money Jar

Forgotten treasures can be found in the pockets of dirty laundry. Don’t let them gum up your washing machine or even worse damage your favourite blouse. Discard old ticket stubs, gum and grocery lists but keep the cash. It will surprise you how quickly it adds up!



Photo by Pixabay