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Summer is a wonderful time to pack up and set out onto the open road. Whether you have a set destination or no destination at all, keeping your car clean and tidy during the long haul is important. The cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest implementing these tips before you set out on your journey.

Start Fresh: Take your car to the car wash for an exterior and interior clean – or do it yourself. Emma Gordon of says it’s best to set the cleanliness bar on day one of your trip. Start by making sure each passenger has a travel bag for their goodies, to keep everything organized.

Bring a Cleaning Kit: Bring a cleaning kit along with you on your travels is essential for maintaining a clean vehicle. Pack items such as grocery bags or garbage liners to discard empty food and drink containers. Disinfectant wipes or baby wipes are also useful for unexpected stops and spills that may occur along the way.

Implement Traveling Rules: Set some ground rules before you leave. Let passengers know what types of food and drink can be consumed in the car. For instance, make a rule that all liquids must be in a sealed drinking container to prevent spillage. Ask passengers to bring easily consumable foods such as granola bars, chips or sandwiches. Make sure each passenger cleans up after themselves to help keep the mess contained.

Rest Stops: Take advantage of rest stops by making them clean-up stops too. Have everyone remove their garbage and clutter when they get out of the car. Use a baby wipe to do a once over of the seats to remove any crumbs before getting back in. These are also great times to repack each passengers travel bag to keep everyone’s travel items organized.

Drive safely and have fun!