Say No to Plastic Bags with these 5 (Fashionable) Excuses's featured image

Most of us don’t want to admit it, but our homes are drowning in plastic shopping bags. The truth is, we’ve fallen prey to their so-called convenience, when in fact they’re nothing but trouble. Plastic bags tear easily, cost money, are bad for the environment, and are a terrible fashion accessory. Here are 5 alternatives to plastic shopping bags that are durable and so much more fashion savvy.


These brilliant bags are a minimalist’s dream come true. When not in need, you can fold them up and tuck them into its built-in pouch. They’re super lightweight, come in all sorts of colours and patterns, and they’re incredibly sturdy. Most of them are designed to hold up to 50 pounds. They can withstand a ton of wear and tear. And, they’re reuse ratio is very high!


If you’re the car-free type, a 2-wheeled, or 4-wheeled cart is a must. Available in an endless supply of designs and colours, you’re bound to find the right one for you. Whether you call it a bundle buggy, trolley, or an urban shopper, we recommend the collapsible or fold up kind. They’re great for helping you transport heavy items like canned goods, heavy liquids, as well as home renovation supplies.


We cannot say enough about any bag that’s designed to be able to keep hot food hot, and cold food cold. Thermal bags are a modern-day marvel. They come in all shapes and sizes; from insulated cooler bags designed specifically for cans of pop (and maybe a few wobbly pops), to those meant to keep a lasagna warm and toasty, or to ensure you get all your frozen food home, still frozen.


If you’re planning to do a big grocery shopping trip prior to a weekend getaway or adventure, plastic shopping bins are fantastic. They’re super sturdy, so regardless of driving conditions, your groceries stay put. When not in use, they’re stackable, making them easy to store. And nowadays, more and more manufacturers are making collapsible bins! For fans of clutter-free living, these out of sight, out of mind folding bins are fantastic.


Nowadays, saying yes to a plastic bag is not just shunned environmentally; it’s a terrible fashion faux pas. Bag designers are scrambling to design multipurpose bags that convert from a laptop carrier, to a grocery bag with optional backpack straps, to a bike-friendly pannier, to a night-at-the-opera purse. So, if you’re shopping online, type in phrases like ‘reusable tote’, ‘picnic bag’, ‘zero waste kit’, ‘linen or hemp bag’ (rumour has it they last longer and are more sustainably produced).