Smart Lunch Solutions for the Back-to-School Season's featured image

Start the new school year with these smart lunch solutions:

Brown Paper Bags

Back to basics, the brown paper lunch bag is making a comeback. Inexpensive, the paper bag is very versatile. Not only do they come in a variety of sizes, but they also provide a blank canvas for children to personalize. The brown paper bag is also an eco-friendly option and can be recycled after use.

DIY Bento Boxes

Maximize the space in your child’s lunch bag by making a DIY bento box. Simply add washable cupcake liners to a Tupperware container to create separate compartments for various food items. Fill each liner with a different food, such as carrots, gold fish crackers, and blueberries. This easy tip helps you fit more food within your child’s lunch bag, without taking up too much space.

Mason Jar Magic

Separate snacks from dipping sauces easily and efficiently by using a shallow plastic cup and a reusable mason jar. Recycled fruit cup containers work very well for this DIY hack. Start by placing cut up veggies or salad inside the mason jar. Add some dressing to the fruit cup container. It is important to select a fruit cup that is wide enough to rest on the rim of your mason jar, so sealing the lid on tight keeps the dressing separate from the snack in the jar.

Apple Delight

Apples slices are a great snack to add to any child’s lunch; however, when pre-cut, the apple tends to brown and becomes less flavourful. Stop your apple from browning by reassembling it before packing it into your child’s lunch. Take an apple and slice it into wedges; whether in half, into quarters or eighths. Next, reassemble the apple and secure it tightly with an elastic band. This will prevent the apple from drying and browning. Pop it into the lunch bag, with no additional packaging required.

Quick & Easy Ice Pack

Don’t have an ice pack handy? Don’t stress! Use a frozen juice box instead to keep your child’s lunch cool. The night before, put the juice box into the freezer. Then, in the morning, make sure to place the frozen juice box into a plastic Ziplock bag prior to placing it into their lunch bag, to keep condensation away from the other items.