Spoilers: Why you shouldn’t Store some Items in your Garage's featured image

There are several reasons why your garage is less than ideal to store items in. Here’s why.

  • Temperature: Unless your garage is temperature regulated, hot and cold temperatures in most parts of Canada are too extreme for many items to be stored in. For example, items such as paint should be stored in a cool area and should not be exposed to extreme heat or cold that your garage is susceptible to. Store paint in the basement of your home.
  • Dampness: The change in humidity can cause a negative effect to many items, especially paper. The change in humidity, over-time, can cause the paper fibres of magazines, photos and books to swell and contract, which causes the paper to curl. Humidity can also cause the development of mould too. Keep any paper products inside your home.
  • Odours: Car, lawn mower, oil fumes, etc. can make their way into almost any storage containers in your garage. Items such as seasonal clothing and fabric furniture should not be stored in your garage as fabric items are much more susceptible to harbouring odours.