Taking the Strain out of Christmas – the No-fuss Checklist's featured image

There's only a few weeks to go before Christmas Day and we will be preparing to host family members and getting the house clean and tidy for the big day. Whilst many of you may have booked your local MOLLY MAID to make your homes sparkle, we didn't want to leave the rest of you high and dry, so thought this handy checklist would help you make sure you haven't forgotten anything.

Although MOLLY MAID recognizes that it's quite a long list, it is broken down into weeks and manageable chunks of time, so these tasks doesn't feel as overwhelming.

5 weeks to go

  • Put together a food list for those supermarkets who require you to put your order in weeks in advance – such as platters, cakes and so on.
  • Start shopping early – Think about shopping both in shops and online. Don't forget about wrapping paper and gift tags.
  • Mail any international Christmas cards or presents – after all, now is one of the busiest times for post offices, so you want to make sure your cards and presents will reach your loved ones in time.

4 weeks to go

  • It's time to set up the Christmas tree.
  • Book any hair appointments – it's the party season after all!
  • Stock up on the non-perishable goods – now is the perfect time to buy chips, sauces, drinks and any other non-perishable goods for the big day.

3 weeks to go

  • Mail Christmas cards and any presents within Canada to ensure that they'll reach their destination in time.
  • Finalize Christmas decorations around the house – you might like to decorate outside too. Why not ask the children to get involved.
  • Start wrapping and continue to wrap presents as you buy them, to save the rush on Christmas Eve.

2 weeks to go

  • Clean the house and get everyone to help you – don't forget about the fridge and oven.
  • Get a couple of 'emergency presents' ready – it's great to have a few emergency presents handy for those unexpected visitors. Good emergency present ideas include chocolates, a bottle of wine or bath and beauty products.

1 week to go

  • Charge cameras – make sure batteries are charged for those Kodak moments!
  • Put together your food preparation schedule – plan ahead and write down a food preparation schedule, along with the ingredients that you'll need.
  • Start shopping for food and pick-up any pre-orders – you'll probably want to leave fresh food and fruit until the day before to ensure that it's at its best! Don't forget about stocking up on ice too.
  • Start baking – things that you can freeze can be baked ahead of time to save the rush at the end.
  • Make sure you've got fresh milk and cookies ready for Santa, plus carrots for the reindeer!
  • Get spare batteries for toys to avoid disappointment on the big day.

Finally, enjoy yourself! Be sure to relax and have a wonderful Christmas Day with your nearest and dearest.