The Dirt on Hotel Rooms's featured image

Will you be checking into a hotel room soon?

If so, certain items in your ‘home away from home’ may not be as clean as you think. An investigative report conducted by a news station outlines three key areas in your hotel room that you might want to clean before you settle in.

Remote control: The TV remote is one of the most handled – and germ-infested – surfaces in any hotel room. According to the news station, vacationers don’t always wash their hands after using the bathroom and therefore, it is likely that bacteria such as E.coli may be lurking on this commonly handled item. The solution? Bring some disinfecting wipes with you on your next journey and give your hotel room remote a quick clean.

Door handles and light switches: Just like the TV remote, door handles and light switches are two surfaces that are most frequently touched in a hotel room, and are a hot spot for germs. The solution? Use some disinfecting wipes and give each door handle and light switch a good cleaning.

Bathroom Counter: The bathroom counter is one of the most germ infested surfaces in a hotel room. If cleaning practices are not followed correctly, cross contamination of bacteria from cleaning the toilet first, and the counter top second, can occur. Our solution? Use disinfecting wipes to clean the bathroom counter and faucet handles before using them.