The Eerie Creaks, Cracks and Glows of your Home's featured image

1. The creaky stairs

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and heard your staircase creaking while everyone was asleep?  If so, not to worry – this is not the result of a friendly ghost in your home, in fact, it’s actually quite common in most homes, and is simply caused by wear-and-tear. Your steps are comprised of a tread, supports and a riser, which overtime, expands and contracts due to changes in temperature and humidity. Walking across loose spots in your staircase is what causes your stairs to creak. What can you do to fix it? Well, you can tighten any loose areas with reinforcements. Unless you’re an expert in the trade, the professionals at MOLLY MAID recommend contacting your local handyman for help.

2. Cracks in your walls and ceiling

Have you ever spotted a spider-like crack in the wall or ceiling in your home? Relax – surface hairline cracks are quite common and are a result of your home settling over time. What can you do to fix it? Well, as long as the fracture does not seem to be developing into a larger crack, the residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest using an interior wall or ceiling product to patch it. To fill the area, press the product into the crack using a filling knife, then smooth the area using a wet knife. Once the filling has dried, sand and paint the area.

3. An orange hue in the bathtub

That orange glow you sometimes see in a bathtub is actually caused by cleaning products – not the supernatural. If you’ve recently cleaned your bathtub with bleach, it’s likely that the chemical is reacting with the cast iron under your bathtubs porcelain veneer. What can you do to fix it? MOLLY MAID recommends using a non-bleach cleaner, or hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain from your bathtub. To prevent staining in the future, use white vinegar or an all-natural cleaner to clean your bathtub instead!