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Figuring out what to wear on a trip can be stressful, let alone packing and organizing for one. However, opportunities such as these allow us to take a hard look at our current wardrobe organization and give us the chance to then get organized and stay organized! We’ve got a fabulous hack that will help you get to the airport faster and keep your closet at home tidy all year long. It’s such a simple trick yet can be an incredible time saver for travelers! Ready for the big reveal? Here goes: try keeping your luggage packed… all the time!

Everything has Its Place

Packing for a trip whether it is a last-minute business trip or a leisurely vacation can be quite stressful. A useful hack involves making a list of everything you need on the trip so you can keep track of it in all stages of the chaos. Once you have all your items compiled the next step is to organize your luggage. There are many useful guides online for ‘hacking’ space by rolling or packing clothes together. Just remember to have some sort of pattern to your packing so you can grab items at hand when needed. For instance, keep your shirts together and separate from your pants or skirts. This way, everything is neatly packed away and has its place!

Pack Your Must-Haves in Your Carry-on

Packing your must-have essentials for travel right in your carry-on baggage ensures that you have everything you need on hand – so you don’t have to root through larger travel bags and disrupt what you’ve already organized.  Consider getting a bag or purse organizer- these often come with multiple straps and pockets for your various items. Keep important documents such as your passport and ticket somewhere accessible, and make sure to pack your personal flight items by themselves. It’s always better to be safe than sorry – pack an extra toothbrush, earbuds, pillow and sweater to make your flight that much more comfortable.

Fragile Items & Toiletries

It is important to remember to pack your fragile items and or toiletries separately from the rest of your clothing luggage. You can pick up an inexpensive toiletries bag from most department stores. Doing this will ensure that not only are your toiletries all in one place and organized, but also provides protection for your luggage, should something leak or spill.

You’re Back, Now What?

Now that you are back from your travels, you may be tempted to slip back into old habits, which can quickly snowball and cause more harm than good. If you decide to continue to use your luggage as an organizational tool, wash your clothes and re-pack! This ensures that your travel needs are stowed away safely, and preparing for your next trip will be a breeze. Even if you decide against the luggage method, you can still apply the same tricks and tips to your closet. Separate your closet based on categories of your choice: type of garment, colours, etc.

The hardest part of organization is often simply starting. It is fairly easy to maintain a closet once clean, but often very difficult to start. To get a professional, helping hand with cleaning services for your home and closet, submit a service inquiry here to get your free in-home estimate or find the closest Molly Maid to you here and contact us today! Let us help you keep your closet clean!



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