The Weather Outside is Frightful, but your Herb Garden can be so Delightful!'s featured image

Yes, you can grow herbs year-round, no matter how much it snows. Nowadays there are brilliant designs from self-watering pots to LED light-augmented systems, that help your herbs thrive in all conditions. Whether you have all the counter space in the world, or none at all, these options will keep your meals tasting garden fresh all year long.

Click and Grow Kits

These self-watering herb gardens are all the rage. They allow you to grow herbs, fruits and edible flowers with minimal effort. This food production centre allows you to grow peppermint, a variety of lettuce, chives, basil and much more!

Hanging Herbs 

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen window with access to a side cabinet or wall, you have the ideal conditions to grow any herb. In fact, the natural light might even be too strong, so consider hanging a light toned window covering to diffuse harsh light. 

Mini Green House for Herbs

Available at hardware stores and interior design boutiques, mini green houses are fantastic if you have window facing ledge space in any room of your home. That’s right; herbs can be grown in the kitchen, kid’s rooms, and study or at a friend’s place who has some room to spare.

Happy gardening!  


(Photo by Markus Spiske)