Three Things to Eliminate from your Living Room Right Now's featured image

Visible cords and wires
A tangle of visible wires can be quite an eye-sore in your living room. To help tackle the problem, start by determining what, if any, wires can be removed. Label each remaining cord or wire according to their device using a labelled bread tag. Next, use a zip tie to hold all of the cords together to give them a neater look. A cable management system can also be purchased from your local hardware store for a quick and simple solution. Either strategy will help your living room feel less cluttered.

Coffee table clutter
The coffee table is often a focal piece in your living room and therefore, its important to keep its surface clean in order to set a tidy tone. Although it is a natural landing spot for many items in your home, its important to limit the number of items you place on top. A small arrangement or a couple of magazines is all that you on top of your table.

Bad lighting
Eliminate any bad lighting. Brighten up the room by adding a hanging light, track lighting or wall sconces. If you have a particular chair you read in, install a special reading light for better lighting. For accent lighting, use a wall light to highlight a work of art or a bookcase.