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Fitted sheets, while an ingenious invention, can cause even the most patient person to become frustrated in minutes. Especially if the bed you’re trying to make is a daybed or a bed pushed up against a wall. Often times you get one corner in place only to find it doesn’t fit because you’ve put it on the wrong way. Well, there’s a little trick that has been trending on the internet for years aka the “fitted sheet tag hack”. Simple, yet so effective, this tip is one you’ll want to share with everyone you know.


How It Works


Just find the tag inside your sheet (it will be located in one of the four corners). That corner is the key. It will always go to the bottom right corner of your mattress. That’s it.

Just remember: Tag. Bottom. Right.

Three simple words that will not only save you time, but also your sanity (at least once a week).

And, don’t stop there, the experts over at goodhousekeeping.com, took this tip and added on to make it even better. After you’ve secured the corner of the sheet with the tag to the bottom right corner of your bed the next corner to fasten is not the one next to it horizontally, but the corner located diagonally from the bottom right – the top left hand corner. This will make fitting the last two corners a snap.


PRO-TIP: If your fitted sheets keep popping off the corners of your mattress, maybe it needs suspenders. Strange but true, sheet suspenders are available online. They clip onto either side of the corners of your fitted sheet, creating more tension across the corner so that they stay in place a little more successfully. Additionally, your bedsheets might have a hard time staying put because your mattress is too thick. This can happen with thick hybrid and coil mattresses. You might need to upgrade to “deep” sheets, which can handle up to 15” thick mattresses.


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