Tips and Tricks to a Clutter-Free Dorm Room's featured image

Whether your adult child lives in residence while going to school, or under your roof, it’s vital that they learn how to keep their room clean. Not sure how to inspire your grown kid? Consider borrowing some ideas from Disney’s online course, Approach to Quality Service. That’s right, strategies used by the magic kingdom can easily be translated to dorms and home bedrooms.


It’s Not Our Fault, But it is Our Problem

Ownership of the good, bad, and ugly is Disney’s DNA. For example, if your car breaks down in the magic kingdom’s parking lot, the staff, better known as cast members, will treat the problem like it’s theirs to fix. It’s a great strategy for a dorm mess too. If a drink is spilled, a garbage pail is tipped over, or mud-caked shoes track dirt into the room your kid should just clean it up, even if they didn’t make the mess.


It’s Not Magic, It’s The One Touch Rule

Most dorms and home bedrooms have easy-to-use organization systems like closets, shelves, drawers and hooks. And yet, so much stuff gets piled on the bed and the floor. Teach your kid the one-touch rule: jacket comes off, and is immediately hung in its special place – instead of being dropped wherever it’s easiest. Same with keys, phones and transit passes. It’s not magic, it’s genius!


It’s the Best Study Habit!

Disney has an international reputation for exceptional service. They do this by creating systems and processes they can control. Your student can quickly and easily lean into the Disney way by adopting a few super easy habits, like making the bed – every single day. Studies show that the simple act of making the bed every day helps with mindset, which can help your student improve their study habits and their marks.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash