Trick or Treat? Why Not Make your own Sweets's featured image

Everyone loves Halloween because you get to dress up in fun and scary costumes – and indulge a little in sweets and treats!

Make Halloween a little different this year by making your own treats to give out when goblins and witches come a knocking, or to have on hand to celebrate the day.

Here are three fun and easy ideas:

1. Halloween Candies

Visit the bulk store and purchase a variety of orange and black candies. To create a festive Halloween plate, arrange different candies on the plate, such as black gummy bears, candy corn, orange jujubes and orange and black miniature jelly beans.

2. Pumpkin Cookies

Make or buy pumpkin-shaped cookies (often bakeries make sugar cookies at this time of year for this purpose). Prepare your favourite white icing (using icing sugar and water or butter). Separate it into two bowls and add orange food colouring to one and green to the other. Mix the icing together. Ice the cookies creating pumpkin faces.

3. Spider Cupcakes

Assemble 12 cupcakes, vanilla or chocolate, 1 container of chocolate icing, red or black liquorice laces, orange and black jelly beans.

  • Ice the cupcakes.
  • Cut liquorice laces into 7cm sections.
  • Poke 4 holes in each side of cupcakes.
  • Insert pieces of liquorice into each hole – for spider legs.
  • Use jelly beans as eyes, then add icing to the eyes to make pupils.