Tsundoku: Embracing the Art of Joyful Book Collecting's featured image

If you’ve ever found yourself surrounded by stacks of unread books, you might be experiencing tsundoku, the delightful practice of buying more books than you can read. But fear not! If you’re a book-lover who can’t resist the pull of a good book, you’re not alone. Dive into the world of tsundoku, understand its allure, and explore practical tips to manage your book collection and make progress on that towering to-be-read (TBR) pile.

The Art of Tsundoku

Tsundoku, a Japanese term, is a charming blend of “tsunade” (to stack things) and “oku” (to leave for a while). It encapsulates the joy of acquiring books with the intention of reading them, even if you haven’t quite gotten around to it. Many book enthusiasts can relate to the thrill of adding new titles to their collection, promising themselves they’ll devour each one eventually.

Tsundoku is a delightful reminder of the joy that books bring into our lives. Your shelves tell a story of your interests and aspirations. Embrace your book collection, but also take proactive steps to tackle your unread pile. By curating your collection, setting goals, and finding the right balance between acquiring and reading, you can continue to indulge in your love for books while making progress on your reading journey. After all, there’s a unique joy in discovering the stories that lie within those beautifully stacked spines.

Tips for Managing Your Tsundoku

  • Curate Your Collection

Take stock of your books and identify titles you’re genuinely excited to read. Let go of those that no longer resonate with you.

  • Set Realistic Goals

Instead of trying to read all your unread books at once, set achievable reading goals. This could be a certain number of books per month or exploring specific genres.

  • Create a Reading Schedule

Dedicate regular time to reading. Whether it’s a few minutes before bed or during your daily commute, consistency helps chip away at your TBR pile.

  • Use the Library

If you’re concerned about accumulating more books, consider using your local library. Borrowing books can satisfy your reading cravings without adding to your collection.

  • Prioritize Your Tastes

Don’t feel obligated to read books just because you own them. Choose titles that genuinely interest you and resonate with your current mood.

  • Participate in Challenges

Joining reading challenges or book clubs can motivate you to read specific books and engage in discussions.

  • Donate or Share

If you’ve read a book and don’t plan to reread it, consider donating it to a library or passing it on to a friend

  • Digital Reading

E-books and audiobooks offer a space-saving way to enjoy literature without taking up physical space.


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash