Worried about your Christmas spending this year? Here are 9 money saving tips to help you stay in control of your finances's featured image

The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID recommend trying these tactics to help you stay within your budget this holiday season.

1. Only bring the amount of money you wish to spend

Bring the allotted amount of money you wish to spend on gifts with you to the mall, and leave your credit card at home. This will help stay within your budget and prevent you from impulse purchases.

2. Make a ‘no presents pact’ with family and friends

The holiday season is about more than giving gifts; it’s about celebrating and spending time together. Host a dinner or volunteer with friends and family this Christmas season, instead of exchanging gifts.

3. Use eBay or Amazon

Take advantage of shopping on websites such as eBay.ca and Amazon.ca to purchase Christmas gifts. Whether the gift is new or used, you can often find items for less than retail price. Avoid the crowds this season and shop online!

4. Don’t get hung-up about December 25th

You don’t have to purchase all of your gifts in time for Christmas day. Why not buy one or two gifts for your family to open on Christmas and purchase the rest together during the Boxing Day sales and take advantage of the discounted pricing – these deals usually last all week.

5. Avoid sending Christmas cards this year

A simple phone call works just a well as a Christmas card during the holiday season. If you are still interested in sending out cards, why not get crafty and create your own homemade cards, or a personalized letter, to send instead.

6. Prep before going shopping

Make a list before going shopping. The list will help you stay on track and prevent you from over purchasing on additional items you don’t really need.

7. Change up your Christmas dinner menu

Turkey prices are often high during the holiday season. Switch up your Christmas dinner menu by cooking a beef roast or ham instead.

8. Check what you have at home before going grocery shopping

Make a list of items you need for Christmas dinner, and then check your fridge and cupboards first, to avoid purchasing items you already have. Cross off the items you have at home and head out to the grocery store to purchase the rest.

9. Bring a dish

If you’re having a large family Christmas, ask everyone to bring a dish, snack or dessert to help out. This will help you cut down on costs, and stress!