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A modern kitchen is a busy place. It has evolved from simply being where we eat to a central hub, where we work, create, inspire, entertain and seek comfort. As such, a room of this diversity needs to be well organized with tools both traditional and modern to help us along the way. Ensure your kitchen reaches its full potential with a few simple additions.


Not just for school anymore, the chalkboard has become an essential kitchen staple. Its uses are countless! From organizing extra-curricular activities to school and work functions, it can keep a family on time and on schedule. It also adds a bit of whimsical style to your decor. Hosting friends for dinner? Impress them with a detailed à la carte menu to tantalize their taste buds well before dinner is served.

Hidden Whiteboard

Unlike the chalkboard that is used by everyone, a whiteboard tucked in the pantry has a different, but equally important purpose. Use a hidden whiteboard to keep track of food and other household staples to ensure the pantry is well-stocked. Items that are running low should be listed, as well as any new items needed for special occasions like birthdays.

Hooks and Racks

Storage space comes at a premium in most households; there never seems to be enough. So, reconsider your space. Take a look at the walls. How much wall space is free? Is there room to hang some hooks, where you can suspend a broom, a mop and a duster? Depending on your decor, you can hang your handsomest aprons to add some whimsical flair. Speaking of decor, consider adding a hanging pot rack to your space. These storage space wunderkinds come in a large variety of designs and sizes, and they add a ton of charm! If it’s in the budget, you can even get one custom made.



Photo by Tim Mossholder