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Connie polomark
Connie polomark
21:57 22 Mar 19
I have been having Lana and Natalie from Molly Maid come to clean every two weeks for at least a year and a half. They are friendly, positive and a pleasure to have in our home. They do outstanding cleaning consistently each time they come. Once a year I do an annual cleaning. I have found I don’t have to do many of the chores on my list because they are part of Lana and Natalie’s regular cleaning. I have asked them about this and they have told me they are trained to do the cleaning very specifically. Each time they leave there is joy at seeing our home sparkling clean and I didn’t do it!
Bob Green
Bob Green
04:57 02 Nov 18
She was extremely well at cleaning my house thanks.
Joshua Litchfield
Joshua Litchfield
23:24 25 Apr 18
Did a fine job of cleaning. More than double the cost of equal services. I received the same service from another company in the area for less than half the price. Did not disclose the cost before hand.
Sinless Brute
Sinless Brute
19:24 06 Jan 18
I rarely publish reviews, but would like to provide my feedback on a recent experience with Molly Maid. I called them up as we were about to list our home for moving and advised details on our residence and needs (full clean with windows and walls washed, 2000 SQ FT two floors 3 bedrooms, etc).. They were able to accomodate on short notice so I was willing to pay the extra bit (they are more costly then the average cleaners).Keep in mind, our home is not in shambles or a mess - it was decluttered and in OK condition.They arrived with two ladies and realized they needed more help, so brought in 2 more... The lead was a lovely lady and definitely cared about the quality of her work and her teams, but unfortunately the rest of the team i felt did not share that emphasis on quality. The floors in kitchen were vacuumed and mopped, edges ignored so i went on my hands and knees to show it was missed with a rag - they remopped and it was worst then the first time (streaky, did not clean mop water, etc).They dust with a duster instead of wiping with a towel which i found interesting but would not fault them. The vacuum job was horrendous - under the desks were missed (the lead did my room and was fine but other rooms were not). I went through and pointed out things that they missed and they corrected - but honestly i kept finding more and more things that spoke to lack of quality of work I just said forget about it. She began to write up the survey but decided not to get me to complete it and sign it likely due to the knowing the feedback would be negative.One example was the vacuuming - everything was vacuumed around and not moved. I had a hamper in the middle of my room, vacuumed around so was still stuff on the floor around and under the hamper. Move the hamper, vacuum, move back...I personally would never utilize their services again.. they are expensive and have no quality. Regardless of if you "guarantee your work and will keep doing it til its right" - if every time you point something out and it is redone and still poor, redoing it wont help.I am a professional male who does not like being negative, nor am i nitpicky - but felt i had to share this as I felt I paid close to $500 for a cleaning that I could have done better myself in the same amount of time (I am one person.. they had four.)Side note - the tracks on the windows were cleaned well!
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