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Tung Le & Jenn Dinh Owner

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About your local MOLLY MAID

Vancouver North Shore

Franchise Owner Since 2008

When the opportunity presented itself to become a Franchise Owner, I was very excited because I knew that this business was exactly what I wanted to do.

The most enjoyable aspect of owning a MOLLY MAID Franchise is being able to interact with customers on a daily basis. Whether it is over the phone or in person, it is always a pleasure speaking with customers and building a positive relationship.

One particular clean stands out – it was a three-day thorough clean in a severely cluttered home. The team and I not only cleaned the customer’s home from top to bottom, but also assisted in discarding, recycling and organizing the home. The homeowner was extremely grateful and expressed how life-changing our service had been. To this day, the customer continues to tell others about MOLLY MAID and the positive impact we made on their life.

Tung & Jenn’s Cleaning Tip: Avoid clutter. To maintain a clean home, tidy up as you go – putting household items away after using them. Also, stay on top of cleaning the kitchen either during or immediately after cooking your meals. It’s easy for dishes to pile up, which can make it overwhelming to clean. If you maintain a small amount of clutter, then when it comes time to do a thorough clean of your home, the job will be much easier to complete.


Introduction of the Healthy Home Cleaning System to MOLLY MAID Vancouver North Shore

MOLLY MAID Vancouver North Shore is implementing measures using the Healthy Home Cleaning System.  For more information please visit Healthy Home Cleaning System.


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    See What Customers Are Saying About MOLLY MAID
    Vancouver North Shore, BC

    v L
    v L
    22:52 07 Nov 22
    Was recommended by a friend and was not disappointed. We needed on a deep clean after a long time tenant moved out. Very happy with the results.
    Mumtaz Devji
    Mumtaz Devji
    16:46 28 Oct 22
    I would like to share that over a year ago, I had an unpleasant experience with Molly Maid whereby I was overcharged for a basic cleaning service. When I called the manager to report my experience, I was told that there was nothing they could do and that I was essentially obligated to pay for the cleaning service that was almost twice the amount that I was quoted.Today, I received a phone call from the same manager who apologized about the experience I had, and he was very understanding and supportive of my stance as a customer. I was reimbursed the extra cost that I had incurred, and am most appreciative of this gesture.Molly Maid has always provided exceptional customer service, with a great crew of individuals who value and respect the needs of their clients, and I am delighted once again, to recommend this company as being the top cleaning services that I have encountered. Kudos and bravo!!
    del curry
    del curry
    15:51 28 Oct 22
    Ray Chu
    Ray Chu
    18:00 27 Oct 22
    Henry Truong
    Henry Truong
    17:55 27 Oct 22
    Used them for a last minute clean for a family friends Airbnb - very satisfied with the service. They did a thorough cleaning job and a couple of particular tasks which was requested.
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