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Véronique Levesque Owner

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Introduction of the Healthy Home Cleaning System to MOLLY MAID Ottawa Central

In an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we at MOLLY MAID Ottawa Central are implementing measures using the Healthy Home Cleaning System. This system will be put in practice until the rules for social distancing have been lifted. For more information please visit Healthy Home Cleaning System.




Ottawa Central

Franchise Owner Since 2009

I purchased a MOLLY MAID Franchise because I wanted the challenge of owning my own business. MOLLY MAID also has a fantastic reputation, and the Support Office provides great support in all aspects of the business.

It’s very satisfying to receive positive feedback from customers about our how much they love our service. It is rewarding to know we are able to help customers around their home.

One memorable story is about a customer who had just undergone major surgery. Our customer required a last-minute weekend clean to prepare their house for their arrival home. I was able to have two Home Service Professionals clean our customer’s home. The team was eager to help and had no problem cleaning on the weekend. They provided a nice, clean home for the arrival of our customer – and I could not have been more proud of them, and happy for our customer.

Véronique Levesque’s Cleaning Tip: Use glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth to make surfaces and appliances in the kitchen shine. Watch for water spots, buffing them out as you go. Glass cleaner will clean the sink too. Spray the glass cleaner into your sink and buff and dry with a clean microfibre cloth.

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See What Customers Are Saying

Roslyn Dakin
Roslyn Dakin
14:14 13 Dec 19
We have been customers for regular house cleanings for about 9 months now. We are very happy with the service. The team is super efficient and the house looks great afterwards. Highly recommend.
MHP Farrell
MHP Farrell
04:56 05 Dec 19
Molly Maid Ottawa South cleaners have been doing my house for many years. I've been totally satisfied with their cleaning, the staff they send and the schedule they give me. They work approximately 3 to 4 hours to get my house spic and span. We've had a few breakages - nothing expensive - and they always point it out and try to fix it. I myself break more stuff then they do when cleaning so I certainly don't hold it against them. I've had many different companies over the years but only Molly Maid has lasted this long (since 2010).
Susan Marcil
Susan Marcil
21:36 03 Dec 19
I have had the service of Molly Maid for well over a year now and am extremely pleased with their service. If I have ever had a problem they rectify it immediately. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Molly Maid!
Caitlin Teed
Caitlin Teed
21:49 27 Nov 19
Molly Maid always does a thorough job, I appreciate their checklists and when they read any notes or direction I leave behind.
Zayan Khandker
Zayan Khandker
13:45 31 Jul 19
Consistent monthly cleaning with a fair price quote; They're a company that excels to serve for regular customers. Negative reviews are all due to one time cleans and even non cleaning related issues on here.
Steve D
Steve D
14:16 01 May 19
We had never used a maid service before but tried Molly Maid Ottawa South for a clean up after some renovations. Our contractors were delayed for one day and we contacted Molly Maid with four days notice to delay the cleanup for any time the rest of the week. Their response was that they could not come for at least two weeks and that we would be charged over $100 for a lock out fee as we were not providing 48 hours business days notice. A call to the national office was futile. Over $100 and never saw a employee. This service is a complete rip off.
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