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Why a MOLLY MAID Neighbourhood Franchise is a Good Investment

Being an entrepreneur takes courage. In any market, it requires careful analysis of economic and industry trends, a look at the key players, and the current state of the market to identify potential opportunities and risks. Currently, maid services and domestic cleaners are the largest growth area in the cleaning franchise sector. This is why a residential cleaning franchise is among the best business investments today. A sector in itself that has grown exponentially over the past decade worldwide, and even more so here in North America. Leading the charge are 3 key factors:

An Increase in Dual-Income Households

Over the past few decades, dual-income households have been on the rise. When both partners work outside of the home, they may have less time and energy to devote to household chores, which can create a need for professional cleaning services. As a result, hiring a cleaning service has become more mainstream.

“As dual-income households are becoming the norm, the cleaning industry has evolved to meet their needs,” says Aaron Abrams, MOLLY MAID Canada President & CEO. “Many of our franchise partners offer more flexible schedules, including evening and weekend appointments, so as to accommodate all of their busy clients.”

An Affluent Aging Population

The Canadian population is aging, 1 in 4 will be over 65 by 2035. More importantly, Canadian seniors are choosing to age in place rather than move into a retirement community, increasing the need for outside help. Hiring a cleaning service can help seniors maintain their independence and dignity while maintaining a clean and healthy home.

“It’s a simple fact of life that as we age we often need more help with household tasks, including cleaning.” Says Candice Parent, MOLLY MAID franchise partner in Windsor, ON. “We’re not as nimble, which has led to an increase in demand for cleaning services among seniors in our community.”

The Search for Work-Life Balance

While it may seem like an uphill battle at times, we all strive to maintain some balance between our work, family, fitness, and social obligations. Even more so in dual-income households. With only so much time in the day, people are more willing to pay for cleaning services in order to free up their time for other activities.

Ironically, as more people seek to achieve a balance between their work and personal lives, many see owning a franchise as a way to achieve that goal. A cleaning franchise, such as the MOLLY MAID Neighbourhood Franchise, offers a flexible business model that allows franchisees to work at their own pace on their own schedule to more easily balance work and personal commitments and make money from day one

Widespread Brand Appeal

While the cleaning business has been thriving in large urban areas for years, it’s also growing fast in small towns across the country. A MOLLY MAID Neighbourhood Franchise is an opportunity to embrace these smaller markets. In fact, it’s the future of MOLLY MAID moving forward. Building on our established success over the years, our smaller market partners have displayed a high degree of success. Aside from brand recognition, referrals come far easier in a small community and with fewer job opportunities than in the bigger markets, it’s easier to build a good team that can grow as your business thrives. 

Factor in over 40 years of success, a MOLLY MAID Neighbourhood Franchise is a low-risk, low-investment opportunity, meaning less courage is required!! MOLLY MAID is the world’s largest Canadian-based residential cleaning company, with exciting business investment opportunities available.