11 Clever Ways to Clean with Used Dryer Sheets's featured image

Not only does your average dryer sheet fight the build up of static electricity during drying, it also softens fabric, prevents clothes from gathering lint and makes ironing easier. But, that’s not all!

These 11 handy hacks will re-purpose used dryer sheets and help make housework easier – both inside and out.

  1. Use a dryer sheet to polish stainless steel. From the toaster to the refrigerator to your chrome faucets or fixtures, a used dryer sheet will scrub out hard water stains and remove streaks — making them shine like new.


  1. Caked on grease and grime can make pots a nightmare to clean. But, even the most stubborn stains will lift much easier if left to soak overnight — with a dryer sheet in the water!


  1. Remove soap scum from your shower door. The ingredients used to soften fabric in the dryer sheet will do the same for soap scum. Just dampen the sheet and scrub.


  1. Keep your bathroom smelling sweet with each and every use. Simply tuck a dryer sheet in your toilet paper roll to release a fresh fragrance every time you pull off a square.


  1. Never leave home without it. Carry a sheet in your purse or backpack to treat unwanted deodorant stains left on your clothes. It will gently rub out stains with its light abrasive texture.


  1. Stubborn nail polish comes off much easier with a used dryer sheet. Just soak the sheet in nail polish remover and wipe nails clean with much less scrubbing.


  1. Keep shoes fresh without soap and water by putting a used dryer sheet in them at night. It will absorb some of the sweat and make them smell like fresh laundry. Drop a sheet or two in your garbage cans to eliminate odours too.


  1. The accumulation of dead bugs on the front of your car when returning home from a long car trip is unavoidable. Eliminate a trip to the car wash with a few used dryer sheets! For a quick fix, dampen a few sheets and scrub bugs away.


  1. Rub dryer sheets across baseboards to repel dust – and dust less! They’re also great for gently removing dust from TV screens and other electronic devices.


  1. Use a dryer sheet to clean off your dryer’s lint screen. A little known fact, your lint trap should be cleaned out after every single dry cycle! Lint build-up is a huge fire hazard and makes the dryer less efficient.


  1. And, last but not least, ward off ticks when out in the woods. Though not a true cleaning tip, we thought this was too good to leave out. Simply tie a fabric softener sheet to your belt when on a hike for a little added protection. Not yet scientifically proven, seasoned hikers swear that the smell repels ticks and other pests, like mosquitoes!



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